Fashion Horoscope: Aries

People who fall within the Aries Zodiac sign are leaders. Typically, they make independent decisions and are ready to make things happen. Due to their larger than life personality, Aries usually have a swarm of followers around them.

They strive to reach their goals and make dreams realities. As a friend, an Aries will support you and have your back no matter what. That being said, Aries do not like people to give them orders. They are independent thinkers and do not need to follow a crowd.

Sometimes however, Aries may look strong and secure on the outside, but on the inside they may be feeling insecure. The reason? Aries tend to put a large amount of pressure on themselves, causing them stress and tension.

Just like their personalities, Aries have similar traits when it comes to their sense of fashion.

By far, the favorite color of an Aries is red. However, due to their outgoing personality and fiery disposition, this is probably not a surprise.

Whether they use red to accent an outfit or wear an entire style with red, it is not uncommon to find the color in their wardrobe. They are also often seen in black and white.

Aries are not afraid to attract attention, in fact, they love it. For an Aries, one of their greatest accomplishments is being noticed when they walk into a room full of people. Turning heads is a talent, and boring is never an option.

The sign for Aries is a Ram, so think head when exploring fashion statements. This means lots of hats and head accessories–the bolder and more original the better!

Because they are leaders, Aries are also fashion trendsetters. They like to mix up their fashion with bold statements and new ideas. They are not concerned with what people think about their style or look.

For everyday use, Aries love comfort. However, just because they enjoy being comfortable, doesn’t mean they want their style to say “comfort”.

As much as Aries enjoy their comfort, they do like to be the life of the party. Often you can spot an Aries woman by the red dress. Usually this dress will be bold and show off her curves in all the right places. However, what party goers won’t realize about the dress, is that it is extremely comfortable–for an Aries this is a must!

For an Aries, accessories are really set their fashion apart from many of the other signs. They can wear a simple outfit, but you would never know, because the accessories are what captures the attention of onlookers.

Fashion Horoscope: Aries -
Fashion Horoscope: Aries –

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