Fashion Horoscope: Cancer

Cancer is known by the crab symbol, and rightfully so. The crab fits the cancer well with its hard exterior. However, once a crab is able to break free of their shell, their true personalities and feelings shine. Cancer is a sign that can be referred to as mysterious. They display a sense of calm and peace but deep down they are driven and unpredictable.

For a Cancer, they often keep their emotions hidden in their shell for protection. This means for those that encounter a Cancer, you may never know quite what they are thinking. Cancers are very intuitive. They have a strong sense of empathy and are able to quickly read a person’s emotions. This can help and also hurt a Cancer, often putting other peoples need above their own. Again, this contributes to keeping the strong shell of the crab intact and hiding the true emotions.

Similar to their personality, a Cancer’s sense of fashion has common characteristics – including the shell. By nature, Cancers are conservative. However, don’t let that conservative exterior fool you. Underneath a classical and traditional look, may lie a surprise of luxurious lingerie.

Like the outer shell of a crab, Cancers dress in a similar fashion. They typically don’t like to stand out in a crowd with their clothing; however, they do like to look put together and they enjoy a more feminine style. One thing about Cancers is they like to keep their look based on their mood of the day. Their styles may change from one day to the next based on what is going on inside.

A vintage style is very appealing to a Cancer. Both in clothing and accessories, they enjoy pieces that are sentimental and have meaning. Typically, women like soft fabrics with feminine details, like lace or embroidered details. Cancers like natural fabrics and colors. Typically, their favorite colors include white, pearl, silver and light colored pastels.

Although Cancers are home bodies and love their PJs, they also enjoy a night out on the town. They are not too trendy, but rather prefer classic and sophisticated. They enjoy a summertime dress, like a linen dress with a blazer and sandal. If it is more of a casual evening, pair your favorite bootcut jean with a peep toe heel.

Cancers enjoy staying up to date on the latest trends, but typically they transform them into a more traditional look. They do understand that the most important part of the outfit is the accessories and they often pay close attention to them. Cancers love to accessorize. Even if they are wearing their favorite flannel top or bottom, they are never seen without their favorite accessories.

Jewelry of choice for a Cancer, usually consists of pearls or silver. Accessories are never too big or draw attention to a Cancer. They are more for adding an elegant touch or finishing off an outfit. A small drop earring or vintage brooch often complement a women’s outfit well. Also, they are never seen without a handbag. Whether it is a night out on the town or a trip to the store, they are sure to have a matching bag for their mood. Even their bags are vintage inspired.

Fashion Horoscope: Cancer -
Fashion Horoscope: Cancer –
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