Fashion Horoscope: Scorpio

When you think of a Scorpio, you think of bold and dangerous. So, it’s no surprise that they often wear dark colors like purple, black and dark red. Scorpios are daring and not afraid of showing of their best assets. When a Scorpio woman walks in the room, you will know because she’s fearless. Scorpios are known for mix and matching their outfits. It’s always a mystery with them; you never know what they are going to wear next. But, you can rest assured whatever they wear, they will be showing some skin.

For everyday fashion, Scorpios like to be stylish. For a Scorpio, black has to be a part of their outfit. Whether its black earrings, black shoes, or black pants, a Scorpio has to wear black every day.

While Scorpios love to show their skin, they also love boots. Boots of any kind patent leather, leather, and cloth. If it’s a boot, you can expect a scorpion to wear it.

A night out of dancing and fun is perfect for Scorpio women. This is where they can really shine and show off their sexy skin. A simple sleeveless black dress is the signature look for a Scorpio. The Scorpio is not afraid to show her arms, legs or back. When she puts on this black dress she exudes confidence and sex appeal.

For Scorpios, their accessories have to make a statement. Scorpios like to stand out and they want their accessories to stand out as well. The Scorpio woman usually complements her sassy wardrobe with over-sized bangles, bracelets and arm cuffs. Whether they are silver, or gold, they have to be big! They also love belts, belts, belts, and more belts. They know how to accessorize their outfits with fun and stylish belts that go perfectly with their shirts and dresses.

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