Fashion Horoscope: Virgo

If there is a sign that would be skeptical of fashion determined from the stars, it would be you, Virgo. You are naturally skeptical and are more of a believing is seeing type of personality.

Virgo is a sign that is particular about their fashion. Clothes always are perfectly fitting and made from high quality material–no polyester for this sign!

Virgo is not usually up to date on the latest fashion trends and are more of a classic style.

The sign of Virgo is The Virgin, and their style goes along with that sign. They are never too flashy or revealing, and would never wear anything too tight. The least amount of attention a Virgo can draw to themselves the better and more confident they feel.

As a Virgo you often spend your time over analyzing an outfit and may even change a few times before determining your final selection. Your closet consists of a very classic and tailored look. You like to buy well made clothes out of high quality fabrics.

Overall, Virgo has a hard time letting loose with their outfit. That’s okay. Your sign knows what works best on your body and allows you to feel comfortable and confident. Don’t try to be something you are not.

Virgo -
Virgo –

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